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Verbal identities that
keep you hanging around.

FOR creative & caring people WHO OWN THEIR CRAFT

"Carrie was able to capture in one week the messaging that had been eluding me for years." 

"I was convinced that I would never be able to find messaging that I could be proud to display, but as soon as I read the first draft of my messaging framework all of those fears were gone. Through her well-crafted process and dedication to my story, Carrie was able to capture in one week the messaging that had been eluding me for years."

— Grace

Strangely enough, copywriting was an afterthought to my rebranding plan initially, as I work and think in such a visual space. I had no idea how much value Carrie's words would add to my online presence and how her thoughtful creative process would bring clarity to my story and brand values, in a way that felt natural and unforced. It was literally a STRESS-FREE PROCESS. 

— Melanie
FOUNDER OF melanie hay design

“I feel a sense of calm, clarity, ease, and confidence in my business now.”

The journal-prompt style onboarding made me think through my concept more fully. I was in tears reading the first draft. It was so beautiful! She is able to craft magically. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better deliverable. I’ve already used it many times in the first week of seeing it. I will use it for so much - the best investment.

— meg
FOUNDER OF umbrella dry bar

"I loved her process of getting super familiar with the brand and me, so the result is true and authentic."

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