The Wolfcrest Photography Written Tapestry

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Tone-of-voice descriptors


Balanced Appreciative


Sara is a photographer in Northern Virginia and the owner of Wolfcrest Photography. From my first Zoom chat with her, it was clear she has such a passion for her craft, a down-to-earth nature that immediately puts you at ease, and intentionality behind the name she proudly stands behind. It was time for her words to reflect it all. 

The standout pieces

While Sara had invested in a copywriter in the past, she felt her website’s words erred on the more ingenuine, overly forced, sales-y side. Being the creative and sentimental person she is, we wanted to bring more warmth and low-key confidence into focus – while obviously providing the need-to-know details about her process and a stronger message about who she serves. 

Take a peek at what we brought to the screen together:

Life is meant to be lived and experienced with purpose. That’s why there’s such intentionality behind the name I proudly stand behind while living out my passion. Wolfcrest has deep roots; it’s personal, enduring – all qualities that hold true for photography.

Where in-between, meaning-filled moments become known

Journey behind the lens

Imagery and words. Our stories would essentially be impossible to tell without both. They connect us to emotions, core memories, and, most importantly, each other. When I reflect on my path to the present, I’ve always leaned heavily into the visual side of storytelling. And so my college studies in graphic design led me to a traditional 9-5 job to put my artistic eye to work. 

The debut

Want to see all the words on display? Visit I think it’s safe to say Sara’s words now perfectly exude everything she is and all that her brand stands for. 

“My voice on my website now is so clearly matched to what I have wanted all of this time. It now finally feels like me, but even better than I hoped. Carrie also brought in suggestions of things I was missing entirely (FAQ), so having her perspective was so helpful and really took my site to the next level. I am so, so appreciative of everything! The process, results, and client experience were all really so wonderful and I am delighted that I found her. She is also such a beautiful human, so being able to work with such a lovely person was simply the cherry on top of this AMAZING experience.”


weaving together words

with a whole lot of texture

This is copywriting that carries your story forward