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You know there's purpose behind the pieces of it.

You do, right? Well, one of those pieces could very well be the thread that connects you to people you want to work for and with, moving relationships from dream to reality.

Through mindful brand messaging, website copy, content creation, and copyediting services, Woven Copy Studio brings written tone and texture to your brand – all while channeling your casually cool energy and individuality. 

So pull up a seat. Let’s untangle the way you communicate your passion, purpose, and process to naturally weave together words that resonate (& increase your impact, obviously).

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I'm Carrie.

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The written word has been my “thing” for as long as I can remember. From crafting (slightly cringey) fictional stories and poems for assignments in my younger years to carrying thoughtful creatives’ real narratives forward from my keyboard today, there’s something about stitching together sentences that actually stand for something – truth, meaning, connection. It’d be an honor to do the same with you

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Stand out with a verbal identity and web copy that interlaces with the visuals you’ve probably already invested in (or plan to) – in 2 weeks' time.

Draw upon the strength of your messaging with quarterly done-for-you writing for your brand’s exclusive content spaces – so you can happily return to your creative realm.

Create an organic, versatile verbal identity that pieces together your highly intricate story – making the process of writing your own web copy feel more au naturel.

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"Working with Carrie has been one of the best things I could do for my growing business."

— Maggie, owner of urban baby co.

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