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Ashley is the candle maker behind Olive + Pine Candle Co. From her home in New York, she pours up small batch, all-natural, 100% soy wax candle collections that serve as an invitation into the depths of your retreat — instilling a sense of calm into your atmosphere, even through the busy seasons of life.

While journaling is a source of everyday comfort for Ashley, she revealed the words to articulate her craft don't seem to flow as naturally. Instead, she feels put on the spot with her brand. It was time to piece together her story and what Olive + Pine stands for. 

The standout pieces

Ashley has one of those personalities that makes you feel welcome and right at home. A little cliche? Maybe. But it’s the truth. (We naturally bonded over candid first-time mom – during a pandemic – stories and a mutual motivation to turn creative outlets into careers.)

So how fitting that HOME is a common thread found throughout her story. 

After weaving together an in-depth brand messaging handbook for O+P, Ashley added website copy onto our collaboration with a couple complementary content pieces (read: email templates for pitching her products to potential stockists). She was very quickly outgrowing Etsy and ready to move into her own space on the internet (built on Shopify), featuring the following pages: 

〰 Home Page
〰 Our Story Page
〰 Sustainability Page
〰 FAQs Page
〰 Wholesale/Private Label Pages

Take a peek at what we brought to the screen together:

Ashley initially voiced this was one messaging element she struggled with. She started with a couple tagline variations, but neither felt entirely complete.

So we used them as the starting point:
  1. Creating warmth and comfort for every home
  2. Inspired to bring warmth to your every day

Then we went a couple layers deep into Ashley's brand to connect to her name as a whole — really leaning into Olive/Pine (which happen to both be trees) and sense of home to craft:

Unearth everyday comfort. 

Olive + Pine’s small batch, all-natural, 100% soy wax candle collections and complementary goods are an invitation into the depths of your retreat — instilling a sense of calm into your atmosphere, even through the busy seasons of life.

Tagline development

About page copy that gives readers a good story

The backstory of Olive + Pine has to be one of my favorites. Ashley grew up spending almost every weekend at her maternal grandparents' house. 

So when she decided to take her passion for candle making to the next level, she knew her brand name had to mean something while embodying who she is and what she stands for: family.

Ashley's About page copy answers "Why Olive + Pine?" while tying want-to-know details together for her readers — from the past (her Grandmom & Pop) to the present. 

The debut

Want to see all the words on display? Visit

The cozy, comforting aesthetic is literally everything – perfectly matching the feelings you get when you put flame to wick on an Olive + Pine candle. ;) You can take my word for it, because I burn one basically every single day. Click here to shop the collection.

The Credits

“As I was reading through the web copy I could literally envision how it would look - the layout and flow are perfect. It really opened my eyes and allowed me to put myself in the reader’s position. … Also, I’ve been getting a lot more private label inquiries. They are messaging me directly from the Private Label page - I’m so glad you suggested having a page dedicated to PL!”


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