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What You Need to Have in Place Before You Outsource Your Copywriting

by Carrie Ashley

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Thinking it’s time to hire a copywriter for your brand?

From one business owner to another, I’m cheers-ing to you with my cup of coffee because I know the decision to outsource is not one to be taken lightly!

So, while you may feel ready to make the leap, you’re probably wondering if there’s anything you need to have in place to guarantee you collab with a copywriter who will exceed your expectations (and vice versa). And the answer is YES!

Here are the top five things I recommend you get in order before reaching out:

1. A solid foundation

No, I’m not referring to the need for an out-of-this-world brand or even a website. It’s perfectly okay if you don’t have either of those yet, and you’re still in the launch or growth phase! But before you expect someone on the outside to master your voice and inspire your readers to get carried away by the words you share on the screen, you need to have a solid foundation to work off of.

Generally, this “foundation” should include:

  • A thorough description of who your core audience is (and also who you don’t want to appeal to; remember, you’re not in business to do business with EVERYONE!) + how you help solve their biggest challenges, wants, and needs with your product(s) or service(s)

  • A words and phrases list to use when creating copy (for example, maybe there’s a unique word you use to refer to a specific offering of yours)

  • Your brand’s personality (how would you describe it? ex. women-owned, community; how do you want it to make people feel?; what brand voice styles do you dislike – think overly cheerful, cheesy, sales-y?)

  • An overall picture of the current state of your copy—what’s working and what’s not? Where is there room for improvement?

  • A solid awareness of your “competition”—who are 2-3 of your biggest competitors? Where does your current copy stand in comparison to theirs? In what ways can you provide value to your audience to show off what makes YOU different?

  • A price range of what you’re willing to invest for quality copywriting services (no matter if you’re looking for a one-time or monthly investment—identify what you’re comfortable paying, which will typically determine the quality/value of the work you get in return)

Side note: if you haven’t worked through this “brand research” just yet, what I’ve outlined above can take some time! That’s why, here at Woven Copy Studio, I offer brand messaging as part of my collaborative experiences. Or, if you’ve put time + energy into gathering pieces of your “foundation,” and you choose our studio for your copywriting needs, you’ll have a chance to share all that goodness with us on our intake questionnaire!

2. A set of clear, achievable goals and expectations

Okay, let’s be real. There’s a reason why you’ve decided you need to outsource your copywriting. And your (clear, achievable) GOALS play a BIG part in that!

Maybe you’re hoping to save time so you can focus on what it is you do best, benefit from a new perspective, get crystal clear in your messaging, or even expand your reach. No matter what you’re hoping to achieve, don’t be shy – share your goals with your potential copywriter!

When you do, it’ll also be a good time to outline your expectations. Are you looking for a set amount of words for your blog posts? What about must-have details for specific pages of your website? Outline it all for your copywriter so you can set your collab up for success.

3. A collaborative, transparent mindset

Speaking of a successful collab, you migggght be dreaming of handing off the task of writing to a copywriter, wiping your hands, and crossing it off your list altogether. But just because you’re hiring someone to do work on your behalf doesn’t mean it can (or should) be out of sight, out of mind. Instead, I seriously encourage you to get into a collaborative, transparent mindset!

I don’t mean you need to be “in the trenches,” day in and day out. But you should keep the lines of communication open. Get comfortable with any tools and resources the copywriter uses (like ClickUp, Google Docs, etc.). Share your honest feedback, and don’t hesitate to offer up some of your ideas. Oh, and be sure to keep them looped in to what’s happening behind the scenes in your business! This will only help create copy that genuinely speaks to your readers and achieves your goals.

4. A list of questions you want to ask your potential copywriter

You’re about to make an investment into YOUR beloved brand. So it’s only natural you’re going to have questions. Intentionally set aside time to think about what you want to ask your potential copywriter and write them down so you don’t forget when you’re having your first convo with them!

Here are some common questions we get asked during virtual coffee dates to get you started:

  • How can I trust you’ll be able to master my unique voice? (*this question can give you an inside look into their writing process!)

  • What tools do you use when copywriting and delivering drafts for review?

  • How / where will we be communicating?

  • When can we start? What does our collab timeline look like?

  • What are your payment options?

5. [BONUS] Resources you can deliver for copywriting success

Have brand workbooks, downloadables, canned email responses, or blog posts already? These are resources your copywriter will swoon over! Trust me. That’s because they’ll use these as a reference point for your copy’s current state, so they can start to elevate your words, while helping to deliver real results for your brand.

Now, how will you know when you’ve found the right copywriter for your brand?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It’ll all depend on your individual goals and personal preferences. But here are a few possible signs a copywriter might be “the one”:

  • They came recommended by someone you trust

  • They’re passionate about what they do (and it shows during your convo with them!)

  • You’ve read a few pieces of their work and immediately connect with their writing style

  • They have a working process in place

  • You share the same values and they’ve voiced interest in your brand

Ready to see if Woven Copy Studio is “the one” for your brand?

Send me a note today to schedule your complimentary discovery call!

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