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Military Spouse Appreciation Day is year-round here at WCS.

One day could never possibly be enough to show appreciation for all that spouses endure. Nor could it ever be enough to celebrate their resilience or commitment to serving their families or their country.

In Volume VI of Legacy Magazine, I had the pleasure of telling Rachel’s story of resilience through the lens of her community-building efforts on behalf of Blue Star Families.

I’m continuously amazed by spouses like Rachel and consider myself thankful to have the opportunity to work alongside spouses across all different branches of service. They’ve shown me the ropes from afar (and continue to do so). They’ve taught me that I’m far from alone on this journey. They’ve instilled in me a level of confidence in myself I never knew was possible—confidence that I can take on whatever is thrown at me with some serious courage and commitment. Because I’ve seen so many do the exact same. And they’ve proven that community is everything.

To read the full article, along with other service family narratives, purchase your copy of Volume VI today.

WCS as a Contributor in Legacy Magazine’s Volume VI

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