The Urban Baby Co. Written Tapestry

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Maggie, the owner and creator behind Urban Baby Co., understood the importance of pairing design with copy to genuinely tell her full story. She collaborated with Woven Copy Studio to weave together intentional words to display what she has to offer—both as a female business owner and ethical baby boutique.

The standout pieces

Making Maggie’s brand and story apparent was essential. We wanted to create a strong message that leaned into what Urban Baby Co. customers are buying and who they’re buying from – with some tasteful injections of personality. Because as you’ll quickly see when you scroll through Maggie’s products, she loves puns. ;) Take a peek at what we brought to the screen together:

As a woman-owned company with a commitment to sustainability, we understand the importance of transparency—especially when it comes to what goes into the making of products you purchase for the little ones and parents in your life. That’s why you can trust we always create and curate with our people + planet in mind.

Ethically designed + curated goods for the hippest little ones and parents

We believe in:

Goods that Mother Earth appreciates. 
We’re committed to being green in all facets of our business—from using sustainable fabrics and recycled materials to compostable packaging delivered right to your doorstep. The goods we design and sell are those our own hip little ones wear and use because we fully trust them to be both good for the family as well as Mother Earth.

Handmade, baby.
We’re all for a good story. Here at Urban Baby Co., you can expect there to be a unique, meaningful narrative sown into the creation of each handmade piece. Let us help you bring to life an authentic story to pass on—one that withstands the test of time. 

Raising up our fellow makers.
Empowering and connecting with our fellow makers—specifically women and black indigenous people of color—is what we do best. Well, second to creating and curating with the earth in mind, of course. Why is that? As a small business ourselves, we appreciate and thrive on the “shop small” ripple effects that come with every purchase. 

The debut

Want to see all the words on display? Visit If you’re expecting or have a friend who is, don’t say I didn’t warn ya about all the ethically-designed and curated goods to choose from. 

The credits

“We instantly connected on our first call and I could tell she was going to be great! Between her thorough questionnaire, follow-up questions/comments, and her organized system, this gal knows what she's doing! What I love most is that I truly felt like she was able to put into words, so eloquently, everything I was trying to convey to my audience.”


weaving together words

with a whole lot of texture

This is copywriting that carries your story forward