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Meet Tayler: a copywriter’s literal *dream* client. But in all seriousness, she owns her craft (wedding & elopement photography), she owns her voice, and she didn’t need me to give her the full rundown of how investing in brand design, web design, and website copywriting is worth it. She already understood the results would pay off. Love her for that. 

Tayler was looking to bring on Woven Copy Studio to help her move into a more elevated market after five years in business. After one look through her portfolio (seriously, you’ll be picking your jaw up off the floor) and hitting it off on our first call (which started with her asking where I got my faux olive tree lol), our messaging and website copy collaboration was on the books.

The standout pieces

One thing I love about Tayler? Her comforting, calm, yet playful personality makes it super easy to connect with her. She honestly gives off so much good “close friend” energy, which helps capture who her clients truly are and their intimate connection with each other.

But the words on her website weren’t doing their job to reflect her personality. They seemed “like a ‘copy paste’ from a lot of people in the industry” – her words, not mine. ;)

Plus, there was plenty of room to grow in the user experience & SEO departments – like adding more meaningful messaging to each page and guiding the reader further into her home on the internet.

After weaving together a 32-page messaging handbook and a 17-page Google document of website copy (!!!), Tayler’s new website so clearly embodies her personality, the people she serves, and her artistic ability to capture her clients – just as they are.

See it for yourself:

Having written website copy for a number of photographers over the years, there's one thing I've noticed: overused words and phrases (like "timeless," "document," "freeze moments," "adventure") taking up prime website real estate: the above-the-fold section, especially on the Home page.

Using Tayler's values from her brand messaging discovery workbook, competitive analysis, and reading through SO many good experiences from her clients, we wove together a one-liner statement that focuses on connection while channeling Tayler’s casually cool energy and individuality. 

Photography is intended to help us relive moments (aka stories) that you can't recreate. They're unrepeatable. One, because they're yours. And two, because the same moments just don't happen twice. As for honest imagery - well, Tayler is the realest of the real. So that is how "Relive unrepeatable stories through honest imagery" came to the screen.

One-liner on Home page

Portraits page copy

Even though Tayler's primary focus is weddings & elopements, she still wanted a place where she could continue to guide clients interested in portrait sessions — at her leisure.

Neatly tucked away in the footer of her website is where you'll find her Portraits page. We kept the messaging aligned to her laid-back style, leaning into presence over perfection language.

When writing website copy, my go-to flow is to end each page with a call-to-action block. Consider it a gentle way to guide the visitor further into your home on the internet. This one's displayed on Tayler's Home page. And it's proof that yes, you can tastefully encourage people to inquire — especially when you focus on being a human first. ;)

A favorite closing call-to-action block (among many)

Relive unrepeatable stories through honest imagery.

for focusing on presence over perfection—through every season

To photographs of your perfectly imperfect recollections—the ones worthy of hanging onto. 

The debut

Want to see the words on full display? Visit

And be sure to set aside some time to scroll through her online journal. In it, Tayler shares her love notes on capturing unrepeatable seasons and stories for down-to-earth humans.

The credits

“Can I please give Carrie more than 5 stars because her talent knows no bounds! She brought my brand and ideas to life so easily, it was like she was living inside my brain! I felt so comfortable with her instantly and she knew exactly what I wanted to say, and said it better than I could ever have. Hire her ASAP!!!”

— tayler,
owner of tayler ashley photography

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