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Tara is the brand designer and creative advisor behind Olive Fox Design. As a former public accountant, she now leans heavily into her analytical nature and creative core to bring intentional branding guided by in-depth strategy to her clients. She’d just navigated a positive shift in her service offerings to be more focused on week-long brand intensives, and she needed her brand messaging and website copy to reflect that – all while reclaiming ownership over her completely unique story and standout skills.

The standout pieces

There’s something so empowering about working with a fellow military spouse business owner. For those outside of this unique bubble, you might not know it, but there are a number of military spouses who’ve paved their own career path. Actually, out of the 12 million military spouses in the U.S., 48% are self-employed, business owners, or aspire to be (Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce).

And Tara is one of them. Through her messaging, we wanted to display her uniqueness by bringing words to describe her design style and approach to light. She wanted to sound like anything BUT a carbon copy of others in her industry. 

Take a peek at what we brought to the screen together:

Where reasoning & originality align to build sensible brand identities for mission-driven service providers

Rooted in calculated creativity

Let your "why" lead you beyond the ordinary

Your business exists because you saw a need in your community. And you had a passion to pursue. It’s deeply personal. Your branding should represent that, taking your purpose and passion further to move you to your next level of success with confidence. At Olive Fox, I help design the way to make it happen.

The debut

Want to see all the words on display? Visit The copy on Tara’s site has rhyme and reason, better aligning with her sensible brand and what her clients walk away with – a renewed vision for their business.

“I am blown away by Carrie's talent for words...
 She created direct and impactful copy that aligns with my current brand. Carrie also consistently went beyond copy and provided useful resources and suggestions to improve my workflows/connection with my audience. Throughout each of our projects together she keeps everything organized, on schedule, and is a delight to work with!”


weaving together words

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